A model-for-a-day adventure...

Enjoy A CELEBRITY-STYLE portrait session that captures your unique beauty. 

Experience a day just for you with professional hair, make up, and styling, and a carefully guided, flattering photo shoot. Together, we will create tasteful, timeless images you will treasure for years to come. 

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A secret...

There is no such thing as photogenic.

There's only posing and lighting... and fabulous art direction. That's where I come in. 

I'm a live action director, cinematographer and still life photographer, and I am devoted to telling stories. Portrait photography is an obsession I'm kindling by capturing moments of authenticity through the lens.

And I can't wait to change the way you see yourself. 


My style is intimate and sophisticated: a Vanity Fair-inspired photo shoot for women, just like you.  

I invite you, the “model”, to look and feel as if you are the star feature in a magazine.

My background as a multidimensional photographer and film director has left me chasing inspiration, camera first. I live to discover visual stories that connect heart and mind, and I have an unwavering love for telling bold, unforgettable narratives.

In each portrait session, I tap into my extensive experience in art direction, lighting, and posing to brings softness to female features and subtle strength to male features. Like a visual biography torn from a luxury magazine, I strive to capture your unique story through modern and stunning portraiture. 

My sweeping desire is to take the best photo of yourself you’ve ever seen, and for these photos to remind you of your unequivocal beauty- not just upon first glance- but every. single. day. 

As a human, I want you to love who you are inside and out. 

As a photographer, I want to change the way you see yourself.

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Let's capture your beautiful.

The magic of a good photographer is creating an environment where clients feel at home in their skin. Nerves dissolve, fake smiles subside, and true beauty emerges.

Though all too often, I hear people say they aren't photogenic; they have never seen themselves in a photo they love, and every professional shoot lacked the necessary direction to make them feel comfortable and empowered. Inevitably, the photos failed to reflect their inner glow. 

Though you should know...

My favorite thing is seeing each and every client blossom and come alive in front of my lens.

They do so because here in the studio, we do things a little differently. We talk, we connect. Through professional hair, makeup, and wardrobe styling, we spoil and we pamper. And people transform right in front of me.

This is what I love... when it's impossible for clients to hide who they really are. 

True beauty shows up on camera.