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My style is intimate and sophisticated: a Vanity Fair-inspired photo shoot for women, just like you.  

I invite you, the “model”, to look and feel as if you are the star feature in a magazine.

My background as a multidimensional photographer, director, editor, and producer has left me chasing inspiration, camera first. I live to discover visual stories that connect heart and mind, and I have an unwavering love for telling bold, unforgettable narratives. In each portrait session, I tap into my extensive experience in art direction, lighting, and posing to brings softness to female features and subtle strength to male features. Like a visual biography torn from a luxury magazine, I strive to capture your unique story through modern and stunning portraiture. 

My sweeping desire is for these photos to remind you of your unequivocal beauty- not just upon first glance- but every. single. day. 

As a human, I want you to love who you are inside and out. 

As a photographer, I want to change the way you see yourself.

Let’s capture your beautiful.