A New Date Night Tradition

I am a happy newlywed, and even want more romance in my life! We all do. Our lives get busy and sometimes it's easier to flip on the T.V. and snuggle than light a candle and look longingly into your lover's eyes. We all deserve butterflies and rom-com moments and long lingering kisses, and (despite what those rom-coms might lead you to believe) we all must create these lovey-dovey moments for ourselves. What is a wedding if not an elaborately created event made just for the purpose of creating as much romance as possible? Most couples do some version of weekly “date night,” and that's a great way to ensure you're both connecting, holding hands, and having fun.

The first time you met, you couldn't keep your eyes off each other. One little glance would send your whole spine into shivers. A single touch was all it took.

Angie and Adam to Retouch2-0548lfr.jpg

You remember, right? Well, let's jog his memory with a whole new kind of date night tradition. How about this: Every year, you and your best friend treat yourselves to a romantic photo shoot. Not only will this new tradition bring you together, but I can confidently say you'll leave my studio holding hands, perhaps even flirting (in public)! You could book your special shoot on your anniversary or just an average Tuesday. There's never a bad day for cultivating more romance, right?

Your photos are more than a moment in time--they reflect the culmination of years of back rubs, laughs, and lovely Sunday mornings, bedhead and all. The love you feel only grows stronger daily, so let's make this one for the record books. Bask in the glow of our perfect lighting. Play dress up with your partner or come as you are (no matter what, we'll do our best to make you look at least half as good as you did on your wedding day). After all, you're not getting any younger, and that's the best part! Growing old with the one you love is so much sweeter when you've got these spectacular reminders of your adventures to look back on. Who knows, you could look back 20 years later on your 30th anniversary. And damn.You both looked good!

JOMO (Joy of Missing Out)

Can I admit something a little embarrassing to you? I've been scrolling through Facebook for 45 minutes and I can't remember why. It's like that age old conundrum for us peeps over 40: “Why did I come into this room again?” Ha.

Well, here I am, scrolling through pics, not sure what I was looking for. I think it all started with my friends and family and their cute kids, but now I've someone ended up in some friend of a friend (of a friend)'s vacation pics. It looks amazing. She looks amazing. I have no idea who these people are. And for some reason I feel kind of jealous.

What the heck? My life is pretty wonderful. I have a loving husband and a career I am so passionate about. I even get to travel all the time, thanks to my life as a creative director and photographer.

So what gives?


This is what's wrong with social media today. None of us are immune to it: We're all comparing our blooper reels to someone else's highlight reel. It just never feels like we're doing enough fun stuff, or looking glamorous enough, or whatever.

This leads to FOMO (fear of missing out). But life isn't always as perfect as those smiling pics should suggest. Not every day is a vacation on the beach or a honeymoon strewn with rose petals. We think real life is better than some Insta pic.

After all, we don't live in perfectly curated museums. We don't live in 4x4 square boxes. We live in full, glossy, beautiful color.

Join me in the studio and let's capture your spirit, your energy, and your passion. Let's laugh, twirl, and celebrate our imperfectly perfect selves. I want to capture the very best of you on film, for all time.


Grab your mother, your sister, or your lover and let's set a date for a little JOMO (joy of missing out). Let's get pampered and primped. Let's play. These physical prints may not make it to social media--or garner 1,000 likes on Facebook--but that's the whole point.

These prints are made for more. More than FOMO and more than the compare and despair of our online lives. This is for our real life lives, and our real life memories.


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