Real Life Inspiration and Results from
Photographers Just Like You

Brooke Preece

Jul 27, 2023

Brooke is a professional photographer in the San Diego are. She absolutely loves what she does and believes that being professionally photographed is a powerful experience. She makes it her job to take the best photograph her clients have ever seen of themselves.

Struggling to get clients in the door and shooting out of a fiends garage Brooke began using the Secret Sauce Method and now has consistent bookings along with an air conditioned studio. Working part time she has pulled in over 80k in the last year with her portrait photography business!!!


Natasha Scheme Success Story

Apr 24, 2023

Natasha is a Morgantown, West Virginia boudoir photographer who began her professional journey studying to become a psychologist at the George Washington University in D.C. After getting her masters degree she decided to pursue a career that combined her clinical psychology background and creative artistry.

She has had tremendous success as a photographer and especially after implementing my "Secret Sauce Campaign Method" into her business. Get comfy and listen to how she's doing it all, and how it could work for you as well.

Marcel Roshto

Apr 24, 2023

Marcel is a Phoenix based portrait photographer with an amazing portfolio. Starting his business 3 years a go he was using a free session business model to get clients in the door. Feeling a little bait and switchy he began looking at the Secret Sauce Campaign Method. Thinking that it was too good to be true he asked around and ended up talking to another Secret Sauce photographer who told him that it changed his business and to jump in. Marcel took his advice and has transformed his portrait studio into a profitable full time business. He offers a high touch luxury experience for his clients which even includes a stylist.

Jama Pantel

Apr 24, 2023

Jama is a portrait photographer working in Austin, Texas. Besides being an amazing photographer she runs marathons and works in politics as well. 2020 was a difficult year but she pivoted and taught lighting tutorials via zoom, and at the end of 2020 she rented her portrait studio. 

She began working with me and using my Campaign Method in May of 2021. Since then she closed out the year making 80k in photography sales working part time! Her goal for 2022 she's looking to break through the 6 figure barrier and is well on her way. 

Angelique Hanesworth

Mar 03, 2022

Angelique is a New Platz, New York Luxury Photographer working specifically with women over 40. She's been a photographer for more than twelve years and has shot everything from kids, families, weddings and more. Only recently has she niched down to shoot contemporary beauty portraits of women over 40. 

She began working with me using my "Secret Sauce Campaign Method" in October of 2020. Her campaign was highly successful and she is now running a second 40 over 40 campaign. Since starting with me and using my method Angelique has made over 35k and is staying booked and busy.

Whitney Collins

Feb 28, 2022

Whitney Collins is a portrait photographer based in downtown Savannah Georgia. She always loved photography growing up, but didn't decide she wanted to shoot for a living until she picked up a DSLR on her honeymoon. She continued working as a teacher while she built up her business and confidence and then took the leap to be a full time photographer. She is now focused on photographing teens and enjoys seeing them come to life in front of her camera. 

She recently ran a Dancers campaign using "The Secret Sauce Campaign Method" and booked herself solid. She threw a wonderful event celebrating the dancers she photographed and is currently running another campaign to continue her booking.

Kelley Norcia

Feb 14, 2022

Kelley is a portrait photographer living in the Clinton Connecticut area. Her passion for photography started at a young age with a Nikon FE2 and only grew from there.

She shoots from her studio which is a barn that her and her husband converted. Only steps away from her home It must be amazing to have such a short commute :)

Kelley is currently running a 50 Over 50 campaign using my "Secret Sauce" Campaign Method and her business has never been more busy and profitable.


Carrie Roseman

Mar 22, 2021

Carrie Roseman is a Connecticut based artist photographing beauty, boudoir and branding. She started her career as a jewelry designer but figured out that photography was her jam and has been striving for perfection since.

Her mission as a photographer is for women to lean into their story and says "I possess the unshakable belief that the world is made better by you feeling and owning your own worthiness. The time is now. To Level Up. Tell your story the way you want it to be told. See yourself the way you've always wanted to be seen. And allow yourself to be pampered in the process. You are enough."

Carrie's story is one of perseverance and positivity. Join me and dive in to learn from her methods and contagious personality.

Ana Silva

Mar 02, 2021

Ana Silva is an award winning NYC based photographer specializing in beauty and boudoir.

Like many other photographers Ana started out shooting weddings for next to nothing and almost quit before finding the "Secret Sauce" and charging what she's worth.

She's currently running both 40 over 40 and 50 over 50 campaigns! Her favorite part of shooting these women is helping them transform and helping them find self worth through her studio experience.


Judy Riggs

Mar 02, 2021

Judy is a portrait photographer living and working in the Orange County California area. As a mother of 6 she pursued her dream to become a professional photographer in order to be home with her children more.

Like most photographers she found it hard to ask the prices she knew her photography was worth. Since finding the Next Level Photographers and using The Secret Sauce Campaign Method that's changed. She is running a campaign called Be Seen where she is photographing woman over the age of 40. Her average sale is now over $1500 and It's safe to say that she is now as booked and busy as she wants to be.

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