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Jana Marcus

Jul 15, 2020

Jana is an author and portrait photographer who began her career as a documentary photographer in the Bay Area of California 30 years ago.

She fell in love with fashion while living in New York and apprenticed with several fashion photographers during that time. After returning to California, she began photographing theater performances and also creating beautiful ad campaigns for theatrical productions. She now offers her clients luxurious Vanity Fair and fashion-inspired portraits at her studio in Santa Cruz, California.

She's currently photographing a campaign of women over 50. She shared with me that it feels like an important mission to provide a transformational experience where her clients see themselves in an entirely new way. She loves that it's changing lives "one woman at a time."

Jana launched her "Campaign for Success" strategy and ended up booking 42 leads from running her ads for 3 days. Talk about a win! 

Natalie Wallace

Jul 07, 2020

It was such a pleasure to chat with Natalie!  She is a beauty, boudoir and fashion photographer based in the Seattle- Bellevue, Washington area. 

Natalie discovered her true passion in photography in 2005 when she took her first paying job as a professional photographer. She opened her studio in the summer of 2013 and began working primarily with women clients to create beautiful, artistic contemporary portraits.  Her background as a model and commercial actor has allow her the experience to expertly light and pose clients from their perspective coming full circle. She just rebranded her studio to Natalie Wallace Photography and is truly passionate about giving women the true confidence to look and feel their most beautiful!

Natalie started using the "Secret Sauce" campaign strategy to relaunch after quarantine and will fill her calendar for the summer. She received over 20 leads in her first three days!


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Heather Tabacchi

Jun 30, 2020

It was so fun getting the chance to sit down and chat with Heather, a fine art and beauty photographer based in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.  

Heather feels lucky to have discovered her love of photography in high school and went full time in 2015 after graduating from college. She loves helping women have an incredible photoshoot experience along with providing what she calls their "Beyoncé" moment.  She describes her work and studio as creating a safe place for women to not only be seen, but to have a unique, empowering shoot that they might not otherwise experience.

After implementing the "Secret Sauce" campaign strategy, she went from zero leads to having more leads than she could keep up with and ended up photographing 50 clients! 

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